Hospitality Management

Interim Executive

We provide interim, executive and contract management to hospitality, chain restaurant and franchise companies.

Key roles for businesses that are in growth mode-regional/national/international, acquisition, joint venture, improvements and change are hospitality CEO, President, COO, F&B President, brand director, QA director, managing director, country manager while business is in transition, project manager to select or all stages of business growth.

Hiring Ken Gooz as an “interim” executive is a convenient and cost-effective way to bring vast experience, global hospitality and business knowledge, and Western style franchising experience. It brings access to a one-of-a-kind international network of industry partners & specialists that support the need to have credentials and experience for licensing brands, investment groups to purchase and grow restaurant companies, private equity, soliciting/attracting key senior management for operations and growth.

Ken Gooz and team take on projects in whole or part.

Hiring an interim executive is a practical, feasible, inexpensive way to accomplish business goals while mitigating risk as they bring experience. This is Ken Gooz.


We provide interim, executive and contract management to hospitality, chain restaurant and franchise companies. New brands, growth mode or corporate restructurings.

Key roles for businesses in transition, improvements, growth, acquisition or joint venture are Project Manager, President, COO, Brand Director, Managing Director, QA Director, Revenue and Cost Management, consultant or adviser.

Work projects are always defined to deliverables and outcomes, measured through the project and approved by clients when complete. Fees are mutually agreed upon between client and Brittco, can be project specific (one cost) or weekly/monthly (better for mid and long-term engagements).


Long term or contract operations and business management. Plan, strategy implementation.

We are efficiency experts incorporating ease of workflows to best ticket times on producing food and beverage products; customer put-through [increasing guest counts] and creating staff training programs to support volume operations while keeping to the brand guest experience program.

Full comprehension and experience in the development, implementation, use, and management of brand systems, standards operating procedures, manuals, policies, procedures, training and human resource programs to full service, fast casual and QSR business styles.

Corporate Restructuring

You may have spent years making your restaurant concept a runaway hit, but when times are grim and the economy is at a low, competitors emerge. You need to have a robust back up plan to sail through the volatile conditions and stay ahead of the competition. The same is true for a restaurant franchise. When uncertainty strikes, you don’t want to lose control over service, quality, operations and profits. A common mistake that most restaurant and franchise companies make is failing to have a backup plan. As a result, profits of the stores/franchised units and the franchise company begin to drift, the pressure from competition starts to increase, growth capital begins to dry up and economic factors start to pull these restaurant concepts down.

Brittco views underperforming companies as an asset to be developed. We can redeem restaurants from weak P&L’s and help businesses stay afloat in the market with healthy balance sheets.

Restructuring or tweaking your brand business model, management and operations can better position it for meeting financial obligations, interest by local-regional-national partners for investment, franchise opportunities, growth or exit strategy garnering bestselling market value.

We will evaluate your corporate management on strengths, store or chain restaurant operations to efficiencies and quality assurance, store economics-business model-NOP establishing key performance indicators to evaluate and turnaround your potentially troubled restaurant or franchise business.

Our goal for you is to design and implement best practices to brand improvements in standards, profitability, customer service and market share.