We provide guided expertise and implementation of franchise work to the set up a franchise company, hospitality/holding company for licensed brands, franchise structures-documentation-licensing to local chain restaurants in conversion to a franchise & licensing company.

Our work includes financial modeling, store business models and store economics to QSR, fast casual and full-service businesses and formats; providing corporate franchise structures, documentation and licensing [custom designed to the brand] preparing for growth.

We understand store/regional/national operations, if your brand needs a refining/tweaking of SOP’s, review of manuals, policies, procedures, efficiencies or quality standards  to better the financial health of stores and the franchise company, we do it.

Franchise project management available.

We represent food and retail brands managing the whole sales process from initial contact to closing on franchise and licensing deals. Introducing brands to our international network and development partners. Present, discuss, guide through licensee agreements, country entry & set up, buildouts, hiring-training, openings and store growth.

Working with franchiser marketing team on plans to target specific geographic areas for development.

For investment groups, private equity, conglomerates seeking brands to franchise, we create a master list of potential brands that are most suitable to their group and region development. Perform due diligence on brands (their services, costs) short listing and entering into negotiating and commitment positions. If further required do market set up of support services to establish the brand, deploy stores, and openings.

Fully experienced in development, content and use of all Western and international franchise agreements, licensing (master licensing, development agent, multi-unit) agreements, offering memorandums, franchise documentation and working with partners on support, implementation and license fulfillment.

Complete technical, practical and working knowledge on development of stores including to free standing buildings , strip malls, and shopping centers.


We create business opportunities to grow restaurant brands through master licensing (countries), master developer (regions), development agent agreements (multi-geographic territory).

Please visit our parent company Mainstret Global Inc with more on putting your brand on the international stage of restaurants

  • International licensee development
  • Identifying restaurant brands for licensing to your country
  • Matching partners to brands
  • Franchiser/franchisee vetting
  • Relationship building
  • Negotiations
  • Legal
  • Closing deals
  • Implementation